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Welcome to Our Studio


What is Our Studio?

Our Studio is a creative community hub for anyone interested in the arts.   This space is a supportive environment where both peers and facilitators will help you to develop your talents.  We specialize in open arts, music and theatrical opportunities and develop our actions to support your interests.

Our Studio aims to help you grow your practice as a community artist.  This means that we like to connect to as many community arts happenings as possible. We also host our own artistic/musical and theatrical events collaborating in the community.  Our goal is to offer you a safe place to grow amongst wonderful peers.

Anyone in the community can join. We specialize in facilitated programming.  This means lower ratios so that we can support each individuals unique gifts and talents.


What's Happening at Our Studio

Click on the Program Flyer below to learn about our programs, monthly groups and trips! Find something that fits your schedule and come hang out with us!


Open Arts Mondays

Tap into your creative side in this open workshop day- Sing, dance, act, draw, paint and much more!  This is an opportunity to explore the arts and then share them with the community. We have three art exhibitions and stage performances annually.


9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Full Day $320 monthly

Half Day $200 monthly

*Mondays are currently full but please contact us to be added to the wait list and we'll contact you as soon as there is space available.

Our Team

Get to Know Us

Lori Maloney

Co-Owner & Faciliator

I have enjoyed directing musical theatre and working with people for over 30 years.  My work is based on creating space for people to work towards their dreams and build strong relationships through various artistic and creative endeavours.  My passion is to notice a person’s spark and help to feed the flame.  I am a seasoned Independent Facilitator and love to bring networks together for planning sessions.  I have great experience utilizing Maps and Paths planning tools.  I believe we all have a star inside of us bursting to get out.  I am honoured to be working with incredible people who share  a vision of belonging, participation and purpose.

Cristin Osborne

Co-Owner & Facilitator

My work at Our Studio  is grounded in helping to create spaces where everyone can find opportunities to explore their artistic and creative side.   To do that I love to help individuals build successful relationships with peers and professionals.   This strong core helps all of us to feel safe to try our hand at new endeavours and to refine our skills as seasoned professionals.   

I am a passionate artist, educator and facilitator.  I love that Our Studio has allowed me to merge my fields of practice and connect with other amazing community builders and innovators.   Whether my hands are covered in paint splatter, sewing a last minute costume, or just cheering on my performing friends I find every day at Our Studio is a gift!

Lynne Quigley

Music & Choir Director

Music has been a passion of mine for most of my life. I am excited to bring my love of singing, performing and musical theatre to the various programs offered at Our Studio and Maloney’s Musical Theatre. It is a privilege to work in a space where opportunities are created for people to discover their unique gifts and talents. I love to see our participants grow in confidence and to shine in their performances. I am thrilled to be playing an active role in supporting people’s gifts and dreams and building meaningful relationships.

Becky Klokoff

Administrative Assistant

When it comes to organizing, creating forms and spreadsheets, invoicing and social media, I am in my happy place! I am thrilled to be a part of Our Studio - where so many others find their happy place!

With a background in recreation therapy and developmental services, I am passionate about inclusion and belonging. You won't find a more welcoming space than Our Studio!



Each participant needs to complete a Registration Form prior to attending their first program. After that, all you need to do is just send us a message/email to register for any program/trip/special event after that! 

You can download and print the Registration Form or complete it online. Just click the links below.


Get in Touch

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